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Participating Insurance Agent, Broker & Companies 

St. Lucia                       
A.F. Valmond & Company Ins.

Tel: 758-452-4866

Beacon Insurance Co. Ltd. 

Tel: 758-452-8334

Blue Heron Ins. Brokers

Tel: 758-453-7022

C.G.M. Gallagher Ins. Brokers

Tel: 758-450-2410

E.C. Global Insurance Co.

Tel: 758-451-3244

Helen Insurance Brokers

Tel: 758-452-6904

Jeffrey & Jeffrey Insurance Agency

Tel: 758-450-1556

J.E. Maxwell & Company Ltd.

Tel: 758-451-7829

M&C General Insurance Company

Tel: 758-458-8220

Prestige Insurance Agency

Tel: 758-455-5016

Regal Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Tel: 758-456-0992

Risk Consultants & Ins. Brokers

Tel: 758-451-9055

Sterling Insurance Services

Tel: 758-452-5558

Sun General Insurance, Inc. 

Tel: 758-458-8800

St. Lucia Insurances Ltd. 

Tel: 758-452-3240

State Insurance Corp.

Tel: 268-462-0114

P.I.C. Insurance Co.

Tel: 268-481-3740

A.C. Shillingford Company Ltd.

Tel: 767-448-2481

First Domestic Ins. Company

Tel: 767-448-8337

St. Vincent
Harland Integrated Services
Tel: 784-485-6901
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