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Need help to find a local insurance broker near you? Give us feedback or suggestions? Feel free to contact our office. Se Habla Espanol.


Business Hours

Open Monday - Friday

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: 340-718-4888

Fax: 340-718-5053


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Participating Insurance Agent, Broker & Companies

St. Thomas                    
St. Croix
British Virgin Islands 
Turks & Caicos Islands
Beacon Insuance Agency

Tel: 340-774-3446

Cornerstone Insurance Services, INC.

Tel: 340-626-4910

Family Insurance Agency

Tel: 340-776-1906

Guardian Insurance Company 

Tel: 340-776-8050

Insurance Shop

Tel: 340-643-7467

Inter Ocean Insurance Agency

Tel: 340-774-2999

Masters Insurance Agency STT

Tel: 340-775-5521


Ostrander Insurance, LLC

Tel: 340-776-1535


PGU Insurance Services, INC.

Tel: 340-775-9392

Popular Insurance

Tel: 340-693-2850

Select Insurance Services

Tel: 340-774-4140

Theodore Tunick & Co

Tel: 340-776-7000

Great Lakes Ins., V.I.

Tel: 340-774-5433

Carlton Williams & Associates

Tel: 340-773-7988


Executive Insurance Services

Tel: 340-773-6412

Guardian Insurance Company 

Tel: 340-692-6600


Inter- Ocean Insurance Agency
Tel: 340-773-4600

Marshall & Sterling Insurance Agency

Tel: 340-713-1101 

Tel: 340-773-2170

Master's Insurance Agency

Tel: 340-778-5600

Vanguard Insurance Agency

Tel: 340-773-6844


Island Insurance Agency

Tel: 340-776-6006




Creque's Insurance 

Tel: 284-494-2337

The Insurance Store

Tel: 284-494-5546

Heritage Insurance Company

Tel: 649-941-3854

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