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Simple: Simply sign our finance agreement with your participating insurance agent or broker and your insurance is financed for another year. There's no need to go to a bank for a loan. It's all done with your agent or broker at the time you are purchasing your insurance.

Affordable: All that is required is a 35% down payment with 3 to 9 monthly installment payments at 15% interest.
Hassle Free: Complete our finance agreement and your loan is approved. Once financed, simply make your monthly payments by check, money order, cash or credit card (online) by the due date.

Premium Finance Company (Caribbean) Ltd.



In June 1998, Lockhart purchased all the outstanding shares of both Premium Finance Company of the Virgin Islands, Inc., which was subsequently renamed Premium Finance Company (Caribbean) Limited ("PFC"), and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Premium Finance Company (E.C.) Ltd. ("PFC-EC"). This acquisition represented the Company's first step in its diversification strategy. PFC is a U.S. Virgin Islands corporation, which was formed in 1993 and started operations in 1994.


Premium Finance Company (PFC) is a U.S. Virgin Islands Company that has quickly earned the reputation of having a well managed, innovative and efficiently run company catering to the needs of the people of the Caribbean.


Owned and managed by West Indians, we are committed to providing a service that is unparalleled in the Caribbean, by being responsive and sensitive to the needs of the public and by providing an efficient service that is easy, affordable and hassle-free.


PFC provides agents and brokers with technology which enables them to better serve their clients while increasing their business. 



We Finance Premiums For:


- Personal & commercial automobiles

- Motorcylces

- Rental fleets

- Homes

- Businesses

- Boats

- Airplanes

- Builder's risk

- General liability


Premium Finance Company (E.C.) Ltd.

During the first half of 1999, PFC was licensed in St. Lucia and established its network there of agents and brokers. PFC's business is generated through referrals from insurance agents and brokers, who are the first point of contact for the consumer in the procuring of insurance coverage. The insured makes an initial down payment on the insurance premium (30-35%) with the balance typically financed by PFC over a nine-month period. Over time, Premium Finance Company has then scaled; licensed with other Caribbean islands. Those islands include: The British Virgin Islands (Virgin Gorda & Tortola), Turks & Caicos, Antigua, and St. Lucia.

Meet The President

Karen V. Bryan currently serves as the President of both Premium Finance Company (Caribbean) Ltd. and Premium Finance Company (E.C.) Ltd.  She received her BA degree in Accounting from the University of the Virgin Islands.  Ms. Bryan first joined the companies in 1995, but left in 1999 to join Jacobs Pan American, where she served as Human Resource Manager.  She returned to Premium Finance Company in 2000.  Since her return, Ms. Bryan has handled all aspects of the operations of the finance companies, working her way up to role of President, to which she was elected in 2008. 

Meet The Team

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